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I'm so excited to tell you about a wonderful opportunity for Liz Scott. I submitted my book You Promised Me Forever into the Amazon Kindle Scout program and...they accepted my application! I know you are probably saying, that's great, but what does that mean?

Kindle Scout does for authors what American Idol does for singers. AI gives up and coming singers a chance to be in front of a large audience where voters decide who will receive a recording contract.

Amazon Scout allows an author’s work to be seen by a large group of readers who after reading the book’s premise and first 5,000 words, decide if the book should receive a publishing contract from Kindle Press.

Readers do this by nominating the book during its 30-day campaign. The more nominations a book receives the better the books chances are of being noticed by Scouts. Kindle Press (which is what Amazon’s imprint is called) is looking for marketable titles that garner a lot of interest from readers during those 30 days.

Once you click the “Nominate Me” button you’ll be taken to your nomination dashboard. You can nominate 3 books on your dashboard at one time. If the book is still on your dashboard at the end of the books campaign, and the book is chosen by Kindle Press to be published, then you’ll get a free early copy of the book before it goes live on Amazon.

I hope you will click on the NOMINATE button above, read the preview and if you think it merits a publishing contract please nominate, You Promised Me Forever.

But, while here you can check out my books, sign up for my newsletter with upcoming release information, visit my blog, and contact me. I'd love to chat; please join me on Facebook and Twitter.

​​Lizabeth Scott