Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d been riding fence checking for breaks, when something silver had caught his eye. When he’d gotten closer, he found some foolish, silver-haired Woman sitting on a battered suitcase with a serious case of sunburn and obviously dehydrated. He stood up in the stirrups and looked up and down the road, but couldn’t see her vehicle anYwhere. Had someone set her out on the road and left her there?

He nudged Rex and headed in the woman’s direction. He frowned—it was obvious she was a city lady and had spent a lot of time in the s
Alon getting her hair that color. He’d never seen natural hair that silvery shade before. The white sleeveless shirt she had on was soaked with sweat and plastered to her skin. He was glad to see that the sunburn on her face and arms wasn’t as bad as he had originally feared. Her knees were scraped to shreds, still oozing through dried blood. He grimaced when he saw the condition of the bottoms of her feet. She must have been walking barefoot for miles. Which was a fool thing to
do. With the way she squinted up at him, he had to question her mental stability. And he should be questioning his own because he found her stunning.

Ethan reined Rex in and dismounted. Grabbing his canteen, he approached the woman slowly, as he would a frightened animal, and began speaking softly to her. From the look she gave him, he didn’t think she understood a word he said. Maybe she didn’t speak English. He tried Spanish, “No
quierohacerte daño. Yo sólo quieroayudarte. No tengasmiedo. Voy a venir más cercaahora y llevar

No spark of understanding shone in her eyes.
He bent down and slowly tilted her head back, then poured a few drops of water into her mouth. Her inquisitive eyes never left his as she swallowed and wet her parched lips with her tongue. She tried to speak, “You…” He could only make out the one word—the rest was little more than a whisper. He watched her struggle to say more and then truly doubted her sanity when she rambled about an angel. Then he jumped to catch her when she fainted.

Two things became 
blaringly clear toEthan. One, because of the way he had to catch her he knew without a doubt, that hers were the genuine articles. Second, the woman in his arms felt as if she belonged there. He sat down on the dirt with her still in his arms, worked to pull his cell phone from his pocket, and called the ranch to have one of the hands bring his truck. She needed medical care, and it would be faster than riding back.

He needed to get her to the clinic and then disappear—this woman made him feel things that he never intended to feel again. He’d learned his lesson well, and he didn’t need a repeat performance to feel betrayed and gullible. All he had to do when he felt himself soften toward the woman in his arms was to replace the delicate, sunburned face with Solange’s. Yep, that did it. That would certainly kill any infatuation he felt towards h


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A Cowboy for Mary

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From author, Lizabeth Scott comes the long waited for third and final book in the romantic comedy series, Hearts of Gold.

Rose married the man of her dreams, Sheik Rashid, after a rocky start with a totally unexpected "special arrival."

Annie found her soulmate in the brilliantly talented music star, Carter Ryan.

Finally, it’s Mary’s turn!

Mary is known as the determined and single-minded sister who always had her sights set on a career in New York City. That’s how her family knew her. That’s what they expected. Funny thing about expectations…

Never in her life had Mary Gold met such a perplexing and utterly mouthwatering man.

Stranded in the blazing hot sun of Able, Texas, the swoon-worthy cowboy rode up on his golden steed and rescued her from becoming a puddle on the deserted road. The man of her dreams then turned into an insulting jerk at any and every opportunity! If her very existence irritated him, why did he keep coming around? And why did her day seem a little brighter when he did?

Ethan knew her type all too well–high maintenance and with an agenda that would end up costing him dearly. Been there, done that, and had the scars of betrayal to prove it.

His little daffodil represented everything he detested yet he found her gorgeous and adorable and she smelled as good as all those silly flower names he called her. He should have dropped her off in town and never looked back, but he couldn’t seem to stay away.

No matter how hard he tried, avoiding her wasn't working. There was only one thing to do; send her back where she came from, and take temptation far, far away! So, why did he turn in the opposite direction and take her back to his place?

 The fly in the ointment ... appearances can be deceiving.


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