​​Lizabeth Scott


COMING 2016 will be available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google Play

Never in her life had Mary Gold met such an infuriating man. He rode up on his horse and saved her from expiring on the long deserted road to Able, Texas. What started off as a dream soon turned into a nightmare when the rude man used every opportunity to insult her. If he didn't want to have anything to do with her, why did he keep coming around! 

Mary was on to his playboy ways and she wasn't interested in anything he had to offer. Well, if he offered. Which he wasn't. 

Ethan knew her kind and he was through with relationships. Period. There was nothing tempting about the addled woman he found sun burnt and dehydrated on the side of the road. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself of that, it just wasn't working. The best thing for him to do was to send her back where she came from.  Far, far, away from him!

The fly in the ointment was...appearances could sometimes be deceiving.