About Liz Scott

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In middle school, Liz discovered her first romance novel by Emily Loring. She quickly read everything “romance” her small town library had on its shelves. She needed more, so with the bravery and/or ignorance of youth, she began to write her own stories. 

Years went by, and writing became dormant as her life evolved. Other things like college, husband, and children took precedence. But through it all, her love for reading never dimmed. She was, and still is, a voracious reader.

Her two children are now grown and out on their own, and the little spark that had been in hibernation for years, began to sizzle, then burst into blazing flames. Thanks to a Facebook friendship with her favorite author of all times, Elizabeth Lennox. She began to write at her new friends prompting. Just a scene at first, and she was actually shocked, it wasn’t too bad.

It happened slowly. No one was more surprised than Liz, when months later she finished her first book. And absolutely no one was more surprised than Liz, when she published Sweet Surrender on her birthday, April 1 2014.

Currently Liz is working a full time job and squeezing writing in when I can, and dreaming of one day…

UPDATE: Liz Scott is now a full-time writer! Thank you all so much for loving my books and wanting more! I'm living my dream because of you!